Peter aims to capture and distil the essential qualities of water in the landscape; light, reflection, movement, sound, spiritual refreshment. To understand the science of balanced natural water systems and combine these aspects in features that are simple in form, precise in effect and achievable as installations in any setting.

selection of water features

  • Large patinated copper cauldron gently over-spilling.
  • Oak block and brass rill tray
  • Purple tank and integral cascade tray
  • Tank and triple spouts with rusted iron patination
  • Large multi-spout saucer, two tone blue paint finish
  • Small multi-spout saucer, patinated copper finish
  • Stainless steel multi-spout saucer
  • Large stainless steel saucer on pool, evening under-lighting
  • Single spout 'tableau' copper patinated
  • Large Clipsham limestone block with brass rill tray
  • Clipsham limestone cube with four cornered rill
  • Bronze tableau, multi-channel
  • Bronze tableau, detail of channels
  • Bronze patinated tableau
  • Tank and triple spout with rusted iron patinated finish
  • Small saucer, single spout, copper patinated

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