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These impressive entrance gates and a wooded approach were the final stage of the landscape design scheme for a site which included SSSI designation.

Roecliffe-Hall-gates Peter Eustance Symphonic Gardens
Preliminary concept sketches for entrance gates designed by Peter Eustance to utilise local natural stone and design vernacular Peter Eustance Symphonic Gardens

Entrance gates

The final phase of an extensive landscaping scheme required the design and construction of an entrance which was both impressive and sensitive to the location. Consideration was given to a range of aspects including local architectural vernacular and materials, traditional craftsmanship and the unique and protected biodiversity and habitat specific to the property which was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Local stone masons used material from derelict walls on site in combination with new stone sourced from the nearby Mountsorrel Quarry. The coping was inspired by the detail on bridges and walls adjacent to the nearby reservoir.

Completed 2015.

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Concept sketch elevation for new entrance gates at Roecliffe Hall by Peter Eustance

Completed scheme walls faced in local Mountsorrel slate and new copings reference local historic architectural vernacular  designed by Peter Eustance