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Peter Eustance offers a personal, client-focussed approach to the design and creation of successful landscape settings and water features.

Peter Eustance at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Peter with collaborator Evelyn Glennie at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Peter Eustance

Peter has been designing and installing gardens and landscapes for over 25 years and undertakes a wide range of design commissions throughout the country. Graduating from Nottingham University in 1984 with a degree in Plant Sciences Peter embarked upon a career in marketing before studying garden design at Middlesex University and subsequently launched Symphonic Gardens in 1994.

Peter is a member of The Society of Garden Designers and has designed and installed a number of award-winning show gardens including RHS Gold at The Chelsea Flower Show.


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RHS CHELSEA gold medal winning garden design by Peter Eustance


Peter takes inspiration from the natural world, the rhythms and patterns found in nature have informed his design ideas. The beneficial effects of spending time outdoors are widely recognised, and a place of sanctuary can be created however large or small your outside space may be.

Water is essential for all life and has always played a central role in gardens going back in time to Persia and Mesopotamia. The restorative effect of listening to the gentle burble of water in your garden is just as important as the visual aesthetic pleasure it brings.

Peter's fascination with the rhythms and patterns of nature extends to his interest in music of all genres. He is intrigued by the parallels between the practice of landscape design and music at many levels. In 2016 Peter was invited by disability charity The Papworth Trust to create a sensory show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. The 'Together We Can' garden was inspired by this fascination and centred around Peter's 'water marimba' (click here.)

The fundamental primacy of water to life and the uplifting impact both in the natural environment and the intimate setting of the garden space is fundamental to Peter's work and purpose. Adding even the smallest vessel of water to the garden can have a hugely refreshing impact.

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saucer water feature in frosty sunrise