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Symphonic Garden's range of water features
Water brings life to the natural environment. Opportunities for contemplation, meditation and spiritual refreshment are all enhanced by even the most subtle presence of water. Our range of water features reflects these principles.

Trasimeno Saucer by Peter Eustance

Unique and versatile

Our unique range has been designed to distil the essence of water: movement, reflection and sound to enhance any outside space. Each item is simple in form and precise in effect. They are versatile and easy to install.

We are happy to provide our expertise to assist in the siting and installation within your own landscape settings to ensure optimum impact.


Sustainability and finishes arrow


We have developed long term partnerships with skilled fabricators and suppliers of ethically sourced natural materials such as stone and oak.

The resilience, longevity and versatility of fibreglass makes it an exceptional material for fabrication of our water features.

Symphonic gardens water feature surface finishes


Having worked closely with our fibreglass manufacturing partners for more than 20 years, we have developed a variety of techniques and finishes. Metal coatings such as copper and bronze, applied to the surface of the pieces are remarkably long lasting and stable.

The range of patination techniques allow us to create beautiful, authentic surface colours and textures to our features. Each item is hand finished and subject to variation, so every product is unique – the swatches shown in the product specifications are for guidance only.

We can also produce a range of painted finishes and effects, for a more contemporary effect.



We are happy to provide guidance on installation options for each feature.

Oak blade - Peter Eustance Symphonic Gardens