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A small enclosed garden space designed to provide a sense of tranquillity and simplicity with a hint of Japanese influence.

A simple space of rolled gravel and oak layered edgings in a small Windsor garden designed by Peter Eustance copy
Small garden in Windsor before landscape improvements Peter Eustance Symphonic Gardens

Japanese influence for a Windsor garden

A small irregular shaped garden space to the rear of a characterful mansion block required uplifting. An existing pair of maples and the bamboo fencing inspired the Japanese theme. The scheme comprised three distinct spaces which revolved around a central water feature. A sunshine lounge terrace, dining area and a small ornamental gravel garden. These were all softened with a restrained palette of planting including Hakone grass, Sarcococca, and Liriope with additional specimen Acers.

Our large Trasimeno saucer sits above the water in a raised lily pond constructed of oak beams of alternating dimensions.

Completed in 2019

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Raised pond with layered oak walls and Trasimeno saucer water feature designed by Peter Eustance
Small garden in Windsor before installation work